Development restarting

For those that may be wondering, I have decided it would be best to restart development on this project. 

The end goal here is to have something worth showing off, and therefore I feel that the current prototype I have in front of me is far from presentable. I plan to take a few days off from working on the game and start back up with development in the coming days. 

My window for completion of this project is somewhere in the realm of 1-2 years as this will be both a learning experience and an entirely solo work within the Unreal engine. 

To detail what I have so far though, I have spent the last 3 weeks learning to work in the Unreal engine and  it has been quite the rollercoaster. I taught myself Blender, and managed to create a basic ball rolling game from scratch without use of a template. It was fun, and I feel at this point I have learned enough of the basics to start working on the real project soon. 

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