The beginning of the end

I would like to start by saying thank you for waiting. I know I took off from releasing anything last week. 

While the game is incomplete, we have finally gotten to the part where I must begin formulating how to actually end this thing. I never thought the time would approach so quickly. 

I still have no idea how I want it to go either, so hopefully something comes to me soon. 

For now, we have started to get into a meaty chunk of the game, and while this is a smaller update than the last big one. I am starting to make very heavy use of variables to keep track of things, as this section will be very back tracking heavy compared to others, and will provide information needed to actually complete the game. 

For now information is given to the player in the form of a Haiku, although this will likely be changed at some later point. Mainly because I wanted something cryptic but also couldn't think of anything that sounded cool at the time. 

As per usual the game is unable to be completed in its current state as some previous updates have caused. But by the time next week rolls around I should be able to present a version that is capable of being played up until the endless wait loop.  Which I will do something with, I just need to figure out what that something is. 

Thank you so much those of you who have played my game thusfar, and please continue to enjoy it. Even if you are just a passerby I appreciate every single time someone plays it. 

Until next week!


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Nov 12, 2018

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