No_Title_ game play complete!

The game has finally been completed mechanically. All that is left at this point is tweaks, rewriting sections of story to make everything cohesive, and just cleaning things up. 

For this reason  No_Title_ will remain in development for the time being. I am super excited to finally be releasing the full working title, and I cannot wait for the tweaks and changes to finally be completed in the end. 

I will also be leaving in the development text prompts for the time being for my own ease of development until No_Title_ is finished. 

But what about after that?

I plan on continuing to work on and expand No_Title_ after it has been fully released as version 1.0.0 just instead releasing extra content in larger complete chunks and at much slower intervals as I will likely start another project afterwards. 

Thank you very much to anyone that has played, shared, or even looked at No_Title_ throughout its development thus far. I really appreciate it.

And if you really want to help support the game, make sure to leave a comment telling what you thought needed improved upon, typos, spelling errors, ideas, things I did right, and so forth as I can only improve things if I know what I am doing wrong. And I can't do more of something, unless I know I am doing it right.



No_Title_ver_0.8.4.html 319 kB
Nov 28, 2018

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